GMS goes Bowling

On April 12th, we from GMS met with 24 Students in the Cosmic bowling center.
Shortly before Easterbreak, this event was a success! We had great fun!
Thanks for joining and see you all next time again! 🙂

General Meeting GMS 2018

On November 22, 2018, we invited to our annual general meeting. More than 30 students attended the meeting in the Branicki palace. Pizza was eaten together while topics and objectives of the association were discussed and the formal part of the general meeting was held. Finally we finished by spending the evening together.

GMS at the annual ball (12/1/2018)

Representing the English Division, GMS, along with AMSA Bialystok (American Medical Student Association), was invited to Student Organization Ball in Bialystok. At the festive event on 01.12.2018 in the Aula Magna, in the Branicki Palace the 13 different student organizations of the university came. Represented by the board many students were got to know and information was shared. Many organizations were interested in possible cooperation and would also like E.D. Welcome students in your ranks. We would like to summarize further information and participation possibilities for the individual clubs for all students of the English Division in the near future.


Together with 9 GMS members (as well as other UMB students) we made our way as a delegation from Bialystok to Krakow, to the Simulation Games 2019.

For some the trip began on Friday the rest started on Saturday morning at 5 o’clock.After arriving in Krakow tourism was the first thing to do. The city tour through the wonderful old town of Kraków, a guided tour of the Jewish district and dinner together in the apartment contributed to a great day!

On Sunday the SIM GAMES started:
On modern dummies various emergency scenarios were lifelike simulated.The teams of 5 members each were tested for their medical knowledge, responsiveness and situational ability to act. Thus a real stress test!
Our UMB teams had already prepared intensively for the games in the previous weeks. The theoretical lessons and also the lessons in the simulation center Bialystok were organized by lecturers of the emergency department at the University Hospital Bialystok. At this point: thank you for your dedication and patience!
From early morning until late in the afternoon, the emergency situations were played through. Scenarios such as childbirth with complications, hypothermic patients with ventricular fibrillation, examination and treatment of neonates with sepsis, as well as the diagnosis and steps in dealing with cardiac arrhythmias are some examples.
Especially nice in this competition was the fact that next to the competition in particular the educational training was in focus. Thus, after each scenario, detailed feedback and tips were given by the supervisors.

After the successful graduation ceremony we spent a relaxed evening together with other participants.
On Monday morning we went back to Bialystok.
All in all it was a very educational, interesting and nice group trip.

Nonprofit: Cake sales before Christmas, lottery for kids in the hospital (12/13/2018)

As a new student association in Bialystok, we had the honor to participate  for the first time in various charitable activities in the pre-Christmas period this year. Every year the UMB Student Union and IFMSA Bialystok organizes a cake sale and a lottery. The yield is donated for gifts for the sick children who have to stay  in the Bialystok University Children’s Hospital (DSK Bialystok)over Christmas. Just before Christmas, Santa Claus comes to those who need small ray of hopes the most.

We as GMS Bialystok have been directly involved in the project by collecting donations during our “Movie Night” as well as by donating lottery items.
It was wonderful to see the shining eyes of the little ones when they received the presents. Here you can find pictures of the action and information about the participating organizations.

Christmas Cinema Night (12/13/2018)

Chrismas, the best time of the year! To bring a festive mood even to the biggest Christmas grouch this year, we met on 13.12.2018 together for the Christmas Cinema Night.

Everyone was welcome to come to the palace (Sala Kolumnowa) to watch the Christmas movie “ELF” with us with mulled wine and waffles.
We had great fun! Thanks for coming!! 🙂

Christmas Movie Night
GMS in Branicki Palace

Freshman week (10/1/2018 – 10/6/2018)

The Freshmen week .. Ah yes there was something … For those who do notremember, here is the short summary:

Tuesday: Pizza party and GMS meeting in Sioux
Wednesday: Beer Pong Tournament
Thursday: Trampoline Park
Friday: Pubcrawl
Saturday: Starting the studies!

Generally it can be said that it was a varied week for all Freshmen. After totally positive feedback, we are looking forward to the next year and more events with you.

Freshmen Week 2018

Beerpong Tournament (10/3/2018)

The first GMS Beer Pong Tournament during the Freshmen week was a great success. With more than 130 participants (both Freshmen and older students) we had an amazing evening at the club Herkulesy.

The Spanish winning team received the official GMS trophy decorated by Anna. For more photos, check out our Instagram.

GMS at General Assembly of BVMD in Leipzig

The bvmd (German Medical Student Association) is the only legitimate representative of medical students enrolled in Germany. As a union of the 38 faculties, the bvmd forms the umbrella organization of all medical students in Germany. In order to coordinate and live the club work, to choose offices, to adopt position papers, etc., three annual general meetings take place. Each medical faculty sends representatives to these who, as so-called local representatives (LV), express their opinions in plenary.
In addition to the plenary sessions, such a MV offers sufficient opportunities to meet interesting people, to inform themselves about bvmd projects, to have a lot of fun and to train through various workshops.
That’s what we did! As guests at the MV in Leipzig we (Becci and Lennart) could spend a well-organized weekend. As students enrolled in Poland, we were not the only guests. Sina, a student of the cooperative study program between the University of Southampton and the Klinikum Kassel, also traveled with us.
After arriving on Friday afternoon, dinner was eaten together on the campus of the University of Leipzig. At the subsequent opening plenary session, the presence of the the faculties was recorded and the organization of the further plenary sessions clarified.
The subsequent nocturnal city tour / Stadtralley through Leipzig began shortly before midnight and provided plenty of opportunities for exchange with other students.
In the early morning we went to the Campus- gym-bed camp where we rested briefly, until then awake early.
After breakfast, the second plenary session was opened. Subsequently, various bvmd projects were presented on the market of possibilities. Here are just two examples:

  • Uni hilft: this project is committed to stem cell typing and organizes regular events on this topic at various locations.
  • Care & Travel: a project currently limited to Germany. Here, young people get the opportunity to perform short-term assignments (between 2 days to 2 weeks) in nursing homes, thus allowing the elderly of our society a little change in the often dreary everyday life. In return, the volunteers receive food & lodging.

    Many of these projects are really interesting, you are welcome to inform yourself on the bvmd website ( Since some projects are not limited to Germany, we can ask for possibilities of expansion abroad if interested. Should you be interested, contact us.

    After the market of possibilities, AG times planned. We joined the AG exchange. In groups we worked out pro and contra points on the subject of volunteering in developing countries. The AG Exchange offers students a variety of places for family and public health projects in different countries. Many of these exchanges are coordinated by the IFMSA, which is the association of all medical student national representations worldwide.
    After dinner and the following plenary session, the celebratory mood increased! InThe organisors Leipzig had rented a very iconic locatio, in an old wine cellar. We filled it with the best party mood, fun and laughter! When the sun started to raise again, we arrived back on campus, and after 2.5 hours of sleep, we were promptly woken up by megaphone armed students and called to breakfast… yes .. the coffee was even more important than the day before!
    Since we still had the long train ride back to Białystok before us, we left the MV already before the end of the last plenary session. However, with plenty of impressions, new experiences and ideas.
    Many thanks for the hospitality to the entire bvmd, and of course the organization from Leipzig. It was #teuflischgut!!