The City:
Before you have to ask Google Maps where Bialystok is located, we will tell you… It is about 200km northeast of Warsaw, one hour from the Belarusian border. And yes this sounds like the middle of nowhere. Still, or maybe especially because of that, we are a trusted international community. Bialystok is a city where all university and free time activities can be found within less than 15 minutes walking distance. The small but very beautiful city center offers plenty of opportunities for going out and shopping.

The study and our student life:

The medical studies in Bialystok are same as in Germany six years long. Similar to many universities, the curriculum at our university is structured in such a way that the basics (science, anatomy, biochemistry, physiology …) are taught during the first 2 years. From the third year of study the clinical pictures are discussed in Pathophysiology and Pathomorphology. These are also taught from the third study year with a lot of teaching in the hospital through the clinical pictures. From the fourth year on, the study is then almost exclusively designed for everyday clinical practice. The University Hospital, newly built just a few years ago, is fully equipped and meets the highest standards. In addition to studying at our medical faculty, which is located in the beautiful Branicki Palace, our university, starting as early as the 2nd year, offers a variety of “science clubs “for motivated students. The results of the research can be presented at the annual, international student congress “BIMC”. Of course, student life is not neglected! In addition to other international student communities, i.a. the Norwegian and American (ANSA, AMSA) has 13 more student clubs for sports, theater, dance, photography and many more .. There are events that are mutually invited and often organized together. The events organized by GMS can be organized See you here. (link zu veranstaltungen)

The club, GMS:

As part of the international English Division in Bialystok, we as German students founded this club. If you want to know who we are: If you have any questions about

our place of study, our community, your application, are you interested or want to join us, please send us an e-mail:

  1. Getting a local substitute of GMS

One of our main goals is to link and connect the study places of German students abroad, both in Poland and throughout Europe.

So if you do not already have GMS representation at your university (which is very likely given current locations) contact us.

Our goal in the near future is to hold regular GMS meetings/ congresses with students from all different study locations.

In addition to dancing and good time, such meetings would serve in particular to exchange experiences.

Also common positions could be worked out. Those could be represented politically.

You have questions, suggestions or even better: are you there?

Contact us!