Clerkships and Exchanges

You are a medical student abroad and again on the search for Clerkships? Do not know where to apply?
Then you are right here!
As GMS, we strive to improve the study conditions of medical students abroad!
For this reason, we have listed a few contacts and partners for you, where you can inform yourself, and apply:

The Famulaturbörse of DEGAM lists a variety of Clerkships in general medical practices in Germany. Especially for first and second year students, this topic may be interesting:

The same applies to the Famulaturbörse of the Hartmannbund. Here, however, are clerkships offered in all medical specialties :

IFMSA offers a variety of possibilities. As the oldest and largest international student association worldwide, IFMSA is represented at almost every university. Since most of the representations speak the local language, as international student it is could be hard to actively participate in the work of the association. Nonetheless, membership may be particularly interesting.
IFMSA offers 3-4 weeks of Clerkships in more than 150 countries worldwide through the SCOPE project. In addition, accommodation is provided. These can be host families as well as student dorms. The price for the participation in a SCOPE Famulatur amounts to only 250 €. (Incl. Accommodation)
For further questions about the application process, you should contact your local IFMSA local representative.

The federal representatives of medical students in Germany are the official representatives of German medical students at the IFMSA. The exchange places of the exchange projects of IFMSA (s.o.) are thus distributed over the bvmd for students enrolled in Germany. Occasionally, however, remaining places remain here. We are currently evaluating how far these places can be awarded to German medical students being enrolled abroad.

You’ll also find an incredible amount of field reports and experiences from almost every corner of the globe, and from various projects on the bvmd website.

Almost every European medical faculty offers opportunities to participate in the well-known ERASMUS program. Generally, here is divided between “Erasmus +” and “Erasmus Traineeship“.
The Erasmus + program allows the exchange to a host university for the period of 1-2 semesters. In addition, the student receives financial support, depending on the host country, between 250-500 € per month.

The Erasmus Traineeship Program also offers financially supported stays abroad. However, these stays are practical in the clinic. You apply for part-financed internships during the summer. These usually take 2 months.

To see the places of study offered by the UMB (Bialystok), click here,4279/Uczelnie_partnerskie

Should you have any further questions regarding these topics, please contact us!