Together with 9 GMS members (as well as other UMB students) we made our way as a delegation from Bialystok to Krakow, to the Simulation Games 2019.

For some the trip began on Friday the rest started on Saturday morning at 5 o’clock.After arriving in Krakow tourism was the first thing to do. The city tour through the wonderful old town of Kraków, a guided tour of the Jewish district and dinner together in the apartment contributed to a great day!

On Sunday the SIM GAMES started:
On modern dummies various emergency scenarios were lifelike simulated.The teams of 5 members each were tested for their medical knowledge, responsiveness and situational ability to act. Thus a real stress test!
Our UMB teams had already prepared intensively for the games in the previous weeks. The theoretical lessons and also the lessons in the simulation center Bialystok were organized by lecturers of the emergency department at the University Hospital Bialystok. At this point: thank you for your dedication and patience!
From early morning until late in the afternoon, the emergency situations were played through. Scenarios such as childbirth with complications, hypothermic patients with ventricular fibrillation, examination and treatment of neonates with sepsis, as well as the diagnosis and steps in dealing with cardiac arrhythmias are some examples.
Especially nice in this competition was the fact that next to the competition in particular the educational training was in focus. Thus, after each scenario, detailed feedback and tips were given by the supervisors.

After the successful graduation ceremony we spent a relaxed evening together with other participants.
On Monday morning we went back to Bialystok.
All in all it was a very educational, interesting and nice group trip.

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