GMS goes Canoeing!

On 25.05.2019 we met at half past 11 at the station for the first GMS canoe trip.
With 27 participants we took the train to the nearby Łapy to get out of Białystok.

In perfect weather and beautiful nature, we let our canoe rental our 14 kayaks into the water. We drove 19km through the picturesque landscape of the Narwianski National Park on the Narew.

After 9 km and 1.5 hours driving time, we dropped anchor to recharge a bit of energy in a nice spot, enjoy the sun and relax our muscles.

The last 10km went by quickly. Therefore, the mood was not clouded, as we got about 2km from the finish for 5 minutes a few drops.
After 4.5 ??? Hours we arrived then exhausted but in a good mood without further incidents in Bokiny.

Thanks to all who participated! It was a really cool trip with you and definitely not the last time we organized it.

best regards
Your GMS team

P.S .: The whole trip was documented by our star photographer Korbinian Huber and can be seen on our website, Instagram and Facebook.

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